Higher education transformation

On behalf of the ATHENA Alliance, VILNIUS TECH invites you to the forum “Higher education transformation: alliances as strategic direction” organized by Lithuanian universities participating in ARQUS, ATHENA, ECIU, EUConexus, Transform for Europe alliances.
The education ecosystem is changing, and European university alliances are taking the lead in this transformation. How bold should educational innovation in Europe be? Are we ready for big changes? What actions do we need to take today to modernize the education system? These and similar issues will be addressed on December 9th by participants of the forum “Transformation of Higher Education: Strategic Direction – Alliances”. The forum will be broadcasted on the DELFI portal.
Representatives of the state and public institutions, visionaries of higher education and practitioners from European university alliances will gather for a joint discussion during the event.
The forum will discuss the ongoing transformation of the role of European universities, discuss what awaits education in the near future, and highlight key challenges and obstacles that may hinder the achievement of Europe’s ambitious goals.
The forum will be held in Lithuanian and English with simultaneous translation into both languages. Event on December 9th. 10: 00-13: 30 will be broadcast live. Broadcast on the DELFI portal link: