Fostering linguistic diversity

ATHENA European University invites you to a four-part seminar series regarding ‘The European University initiative, from European policy to practice on the ground: Solutions for smart integration’.
The third seminar, organized by the University of Orléans, discusses ‘Fostering linguistic diversity: how can European Universities become truly multilingual?’. This seminar will be online on Tuesday 7 December at 2 pm CET.
In this seminar, participants will discuss the ways in which alliances can strengthen the role of local languages in their international activities. Conversely, in the many learning and communication situations where English has to serve as the lingua franca, how can linguistic quality be sustained?
To participate please register here:…/1FAIpQLSdsRaZwLkb76F…/viewform
Please find a full description and more information of the seminar series at .
The seminars are organised with the support of the French embassies in Germany, Slovenia, and Portugal.
See you there!