The seven Universities of the ATHENA European University are proud to launch the Europe Day ATHENATHON, a sporting event destined to reach a distance of 11,000 km.

Within a month, from 9 April until 9 May, we invite the students and staff of each university, and every person who wants to participate, to join our event and reach our 11 000 km goal, which represents the distance that connects the seven campuses of our alliance.

This initiative is embedded in a more global vision of a green and climate-friendly Europe. For this reason, we will only consider these carbon-free activities: running, walking, swimming, biking, hiking, aqua-biking, skating, treadmill running, indoor biking, rowing, canoeing, skiing, cross-country skiing, ice-skating, rock-climbing, stair-climbing, etc.

In order to take part in the event, each participant will submit the number of kilometres they made by posting it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the official hashtags of the event #move4athena or #athenathon and a screenshot of their favourite tracking app performance as evidence, or by joining our Strava Club: Europe Day ATHENATHON. Each participant can contribute multiple times and join from anywhere in Europe and beyond!

On Europe Day, 9 May, we will celebrate Europe and the end of the event by finding out our collective result. Moreover, we will have a collection of photos from all over the campuses and towns of the participants to “travel” around from the safety of our homes!

In these unprecedented times and more than ever, we need to connect people, support the students, the staff and all members of University communities, stay positive and healthy. Let’s keep going and be active together!

15 reasons to participate in the Europe Day ATHENATHON

  • It is a free event!
  • Anyone can take part in the event
  • It is not a competition, nobody loses!
  • Participate when you want and at your own pace
  • You will be part of a unique European experience
  • Show your campus and town to students all over Europe – soon we will be able to travel again
  • Adopt a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle – particularly important in our current situation
  • Stay positive and keep going
  • Physical exercise boosts your productivity and improves your mood
  • Take some fresh air (while respecting the Covid restrictions of your country)
  • It gives you the opportunity to do a fun activity with your friends and colleagues
  • Because we need to focus on something else than Covid
  • Students: take a break from online classes or the stress of the exam period
  • You can brag about your physical exercise on social media!
  • Because we all need to stay in touch with each other with these difficult times



Who can participate in the ATHENATHON?

We invite the students of each ATHENA university as well as the staff (academic, administrative and other) to participate in our event. Every other interested person is also welcome to join.

How do I participate in the ATHENATHON?

There are two possibilities:


  • Track your activity with another app and share your distance on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with one of the official hashtags of the event: #move4athena or #athenathon, and a screenshot of your performance tracked by the app as evidence. If you use Twitter, please add @athena_europe to your post, on Instagram @athena.europe and on Facebook!

I am not on Strava. What is it and how can I join?

Strava is an internet service for tracking physical exercise which incorporates social network features.
You can find it on, in your App Store, Google Play Store or equivalent. Please look at the different options to make sure that you get a free version if you don’t intend to subscribe to a premium version.

Can I participate without using an activity, sports or tracking app?

Adding your distance to the general kilometre count is much easier when you use an app. if that is impossible for you, you are invited to post your km count, a description of the activity (walk, run, hike etc.) and a photograph as evidence with the hashtag #athenathon or #move4athena, preferably on Twitter (please add @athena_europe).
Is my privacy protected?

All the data collected for the Europe Day ATHENATHON 2021 via individually chosen tracking apps and social media posts will be used only for the purpose of the event in accordance with 27/04/2016 Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of The European Parliament and The Council of European Union. Please read our Personal Data Protection Declaration.

More information on Strava privacy policy:

Twitter privacy policy:

Facebook and Instagram data policy:

What information do you use on Strava?

On joining the Europe Day ATHENATHON club on Strava, you agree that the Club Administrator (ATHENA European University) records the type of activity (walking, running, cycling etc.) and adds your distance to the ATHENATHON km count. ATHENA European University does not use your name, location or any other geographical information.

What use will be made of photos or screenshots that I post on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram?

Please note that by posting photos as evidence you choose to make them public. These photos may include other people only upon their consent. ATHENA European University will not use any of the photos you make public without your permission.

How can I hide my address on a tracking app?

Please beware that in tracking apps the route you have taken from and back to your residence may reveal its location. In order to avoid this, you can start tracking your route some km away from your residence or use additional privacy measures offered by your tracking app (such as Strava Privacy Zones

Can I use Strava without paying for a subscription?

Depending on the country you subscribe from, Strava may offer different options.

You can choose the “free membership” status in the Strava tracking app (in that case, select neither a subscription nor a one-month trial). You will still be able to join the club and track your everyday activities.


Strava may offer you a free one-month trial from which you can opt-out anytime, but in this case, Strava may ask for your bank details to create the account. If you do not want to pay for a subscription, make sure to opt-out before the end of the trial period.

I am using Strava when I walk but I don’t see my performance in the leaderboard.

Unfortunately, Strava only displays the running, riding and swimming performances in the leaderboard. However, you can see your activity in the recent activity tab.. We will take your kilometres into account even if you walk and don’t appear on the leaderboard.

Don’t hesitate to check the Strava support website if you have technical issues:

 My Facebook or Instagram account is in privacy mode, how are you going to retrieve my kilometres?

We value your privacy and do not want to intrude in your private life. On Facebook, you can change the settings of a post in order to make it public. Otherwise, unfortunately, we will not be able to see it. We can only see public Instagram accounts.

Can I contribute multiple times?

Yes, absolutely! You can participate as many times as you want from 9 April until 9 May.

I can only do 1 km. Can I still take part in the ATHENATHON?

Yes, of course! Our goal is to reach 11,000 km so any contribution, big or small, is greatly appreciated!

Can I participate even if I don’t live in Europe?

Yes, certainly! In order to take part in the event, you just need to submit the number of kilometres you made by posting the distance on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with an official hashtag of the event (#move4athena or #athenathon) and a screenshot of your favourite tracking app performance as evidence. You can also join our Strava club: Europe Day ATHENATHON.

My sport is not mentioned, can I join the ATHENATHON?

As long as the sport you practice is carbon-free and if you cover a distance while practising it, we will consider your kilometres. Do not forget to take a picture to show us your sport!

Personal Data Protection Declaration

If you participate in the Europe Day ATHENATHON in the ways described above (joining the Europe Day ATHENATHON Strava club or posting your sporting performance on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with one of the official hashtags, #athenathon or #move4athena), you agree with the following statement:

I am aware that the member institutions of ATHENA European University (i.e. the Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Hellenic Mediterranean University, University of Siegen, University of Maribor, Unicusano, University of Orléans, Vilnius Tech) process all personal data transmitted and protected in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation, OJ L 119, 4.5.2016, p. 1-88). I am aware that my personal data will be processed by employees of the aforementioned higher education institutions, who are by function or the workplace authorized to do so.